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Motorcycle Consultant

Ian Kerr MBE Eng Tech CAE

  • ink-spotIndependent Motorcycle Consultant working in a number of areas within the motorcycle industry
  • Test and development rider for several motorcycle manufacturersMotorcycle rider
  • Testing bikes for various motorcycle magazines and internet sites around the world
  • ink splotRoad, track and off-road testing (25 years experience) and attending technical presentations with engineers from the various factories
  • Competed in most forms of ink-spotmotorcycle sport in the UK, Europe and the USA
  •  Riding all types of motorcycles for over 36 years
  • Hold BTec and NVQ certificates in ink spotAdvanced Motorcycle Instruction
  • Hold prestigious awards for ink splotmotorcycle road safety including a ‘Prince Michael’ award and MBE for my commitment to Road Safety and the RAC "Torrens" Trophy
  • Considerable experience in dealing with ink spotroad traffic accidents and the examination of motor vehicles
  • Post-crash investigation andink splot statement taking, examining evidence in traffic matters prior to prosecution, along with the examination of stolen vehicles
  • Have been ink splotcontributing to Automotive publications for over 30 years, including editing and acting as a consultant editor
  • Have built up a impressive   ink splot motorcycle photographic library which has been used in many books and magazines
  • Worked for ink splotPR agencies and written and co-authored many ink splot books as well as appearing on ink splot     TV documentaries and have done work for the        ink splot BBC